About the course

Are you a hairstylist looking to take your career to new heights?

Our hairstyling course is designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the bridal hairstyling industry.

Here are ten compelling reasons why you should consider enrolling:






Expand Your Clientele: Brides often prefer a one-stop solution. By adding hairstyling to your repertoire, you’ll attract more clients who want a single expert for their wedding day look.
Increase Your Income: Offering both makeup and hairstyling services means more bookings and a higher income potential for you.
Creative Freedom: With hairstyling skills, you can craft the bride’s look exactly as you envision it, without relying on others.
Stand Out: In a competitive industry, diversifying your skill set sets you apart from the rest.

Professional Image: Being a multi-skilled artist portrays you as a serious professional in the industry.






Stay Trendy: Our course keeps you updated with the latest hairstyling trends, ensuring you’re always on the cutting edge of fashion.

Complete Bridal Packages: Offer comprehensive bridal packages by providing both makeup and hairstyling services for the entire bridal party.

High Demand: Hairstylists are in constant demand, so you’ll never be short of opportunities to work.
Comprehensive Learning: We start from the basics, ensuring that you have a solid foundation to build upon.

Part-time flexibility: Our course is designed to fit your schedule, with engaging lectures that make learning enjoyable and effective.

Hairstyling Course with Lisa Brown

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Discounted products

All graduates of Lisa Brown International’s makeup courses will receive exclusive access to the leading participating makeup brands to get their careers started as a professional.

Professional makeup brands offer Industry Pro Discounts ranging from 30-40% off, and student discounts ranging from 10-20% off on cosmetics, brushes, kit gear, education, and events.

These industry savings are crucial to the makeup artist to be able to build a personalized kit to service their clientele’s needs, replenish, and maintain the latest formulas.

It is important to know that each brand offers its own discount percentage and may have its own criteria to qualify.

Think of the pro discount as a partnership.   The pro savings allow the artist the freedom to purchase their favorite items in exchange for brand/product promotion on your clients, editorial work, or in TV and cinema.

Makeup discounts are to be used by the artist only and may expire on an annual basis.  To apply for your favorite brands, simply search your favorite brand and seek out their Pro Program to see how you can qualify and apply.



Through the years we’ve built many valuable partnerships with some of the biggest names in the beauty and fashion industry. 

These partnerships adds further value to each student enrolled with the Lisa Brown Academy.